Get excited and feel the energy when people mock or hate you

It is not uncommon for an individual to have haters and receive mocks from people even if the person is doing what’s right.

If you know you’re right and people hate you, get excited about it and humiliate them by continue doing the things that you think is appropriate.

Many people that I have seen who received intimidation, suppression, and name-calling due to doing the right things have changed themselves to comply with the standards set by the people who hate them. Complying with the standards of the people who hate you? Yes. Let’s say Johnny is a very religious person and he does all the positive things to help other people but people seem not to care, and there is a group of person who intimidates and mocks at Johnny saying random incorrect things; then suddenly the man starts to change himself and stops doing the right ones. Thereafter, the habits he left will be filled-up with new habits that are worst and starts bullying other people who do positive things.

Media and getting validation from bad people play a huge role in this value-changing phenomena where great people turn to the worst, instead of the best, version of themselves. Nowadays, we see guns, bodies, kissing, greed, war, and others on television and on the internet. It might be true that at the end, happy things take place but the ill behaviors are overemphasized that people want to do it. Moreover, the finale always ends with forgiveness which is great but leads to a negative connotation that doing bad is fine as you can always ask for forgiveness in the end. Bad people could also be viewed, especially by children, as confident and happy individuals who are full of cash and enjoys life without much effort that is why they follow them.

When a group of people started adopting the behaviors set by the media and bad people, they begin to implement it and set it as the standards how people should live. These people begin to hate good people and try to persuade them to do the things they do. This is very alarming. This could be easily solved if media does not promote such ill values, to which they possibly can’t if they are always after the commercial value as people are easily attracted by shows that bring strong emotions.

What then will you do as an individual if a group of teenagers, family members, and other individuals who adapted these ill values try to dissuade your positive values and want to make you like them?

A common suggestion said to me is to ignore the people as they change their habits later on when they think. That is right, but what about yourself? Our body has certain limitations and not reacting may fill our brain with negative emotions that might burst later on — leading to the worst possible scenario. A brain filled with negativity and hatred becomes stressed, and can lead to depression.

The best advice I can give is to feel excited about it. After hearing the mockery and rants from people who hate you or who want to change you, go somewhere and start jumping. Tell yourself, “It’s getting more excited”; you can shout it if you are only one and you’ve got the courage but saying it to yourself silently works as well. Doing so will eliminate the toxins on your body that were created by the persuasion for the bad values by the people you’ve recently encountered.

Jumping with the affirmation that things are getting excited pumps your energy to get you out from what they just did. It will also make you realize that what you are doing is working as it is noticed by other people, but you are not getting their validation. You will feel the marvelous amount of energy realizing that things are going well and you are doing the right things.

Just keep going with the positive values. Never let them set you. If you keep doing great things, this may possibly humiliate them and join you in spreading and taking positive actions. You’ve empowered their life.

The next time you feel mocked, acknowledge it as a compliment that you are doing great. Feel excited about it. Jump like you’ve won a lottery, and things are just getting more exciting. Keep going.

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Article written by JM

JM is an adventure-seeking bookworm from the Philippines. He wants to enjoy his life on earth via living simply, happily, and easily. Treasure every moment of life.

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