Tips to Beat Depression

Nobody is excused in the mental health problem that is common in the modern era. It is called depression. A person in the state feels helpless thinking that nobody seems to care and people are up to them. This is terrific, and I have experienced it multiple times. Thankfully, I got friends who are open to sharing tips on how to make my mood lighter and be more real in the world where most people seem to love a single thing we call ‘phone’.

Before we go further, we must acknowledge that depression is a state of mind and that we are creating it ourselves based on how we interpret things. The best way to solve it is to change our mindset and see things in a much more beautiful point of view.

Breathing is a wonderful exercise that can be done through meditation, be more mindful of the things that are taking place for you or against you. In that way, you will be able to focus on what’s needed to be solved and what’s needed to be eliminated.

Writing is also a great way to solve depression. A tip from a friend named Mario Odak, get a sheet of paper and write everything you hate and curse the people you hate until you make things funny, then crumple the paper and burn. The same exercise was shared by a retreat I attended recently, we wrote all the things that are unhealthy then we burned them. This will not only eliminate our self-destroying mindset, if done right but will help us focus on the more positive side of life.

I’ve also read exercising can eliminate depression. Exercising eliminates the toxins that make our mood worse and makes us feel good about ourselves leading to a confident version of ourselves. This will also give us an incredible amount of energy that can uplift our mood. Exercising makes entire body great.

Planning for the future will also make us more motivated and eliminate the feeling of loneliness and lack of purpose. I highly suggest Tony Robbin’s Result Purpose and Massive Action Plan (RPM) planning method. (You can search for it online, I will write a complete and detailed tutorial about it soon.) Doing so will help power-up your mood and be more energetic to look forward in life, as Tony once said success is not the accumulation of wealth but freedom and progress.

The Five Minute Journal is also a terrific journal that can lighten up your mood. This will help the user to be more thankful and focus on the best three that could be done for the day. In the evening, it will make you feel happier by acknowledging the positive things that took place during the day.

Praise over criticism. If you see something, look at the brighter side rather than criticizing it. Everything is not perfect, they say, but by looking on the positive side of each thing will not only bring you joy about the thing but life in general. People will also like you as you make them feel happier and confident through your words which will eventually reflect back to you.

Reading self-development books will also soothe your need for connection and purpose. These books were designed for you to be better and learn the secrets from the best which will also make you the best version of yourself.

Interacting with people and nature. Go to a place where there a bounty of trees and animals. Stay there and talk with the people or even in nature as if you are very close friends that just met again, even if it is untrue. For the people, most will feel your energy and response in the same way which will later develop into a friendship that is beyond your wildest imagination. For nature, doing so will make you feel connected with each and everything and will feel great about yourself.

Practice spirituality. Having Somebody to pray who gives hope of everlasting life or a new tomorrow brings a positive mindset into your entire being. I do not endorse any religion, and it is up to you to find the one which you think is the truth. Believe me, this will change your life forever.

Elimination is also a way to eliminate depression. Let’s say you have a terrible job, it is best to find another job than stay there for life — forget the salary. Remove the things you no longer need and give them to charity, burn papers that you no longer need, trash things that remind you of bad memories, and the list goes on including fake friends. Focus on the things that matter as what is the use of million useless things if you’ve got no useful one, and what is the use of million friends if nobody is real.

Be real. Stop seeking validation from others. Your depression might probably be caused by seeking validation from friends or family members whom you look up to. Stop doing it and live your life the way you wanted, just do the right things, and forget the validation you’re seeking. As the song said, it’s your life and you must do it your way.

Listen only to people that matter. I remember an interview with Filipino actor Edward Barbers who told if there are a million of people who will tell him he’s not a great actor and there is a director who will tell he can improve, he will listen to the person who knows the craft. Why listen to the people who do not matter? Who hates you? Listen only to the people who love you, care for you, and knows you well.

Reacting to things escalates the problem. Think many times before acting on a thing, be careful and plan well. Be a proactive person. Reacting mostly does not lead to a happy ending. Let’s say, you are depressed because of somebody’s worse actions, reacting to that problem by punching does not only eliminate the problem but may lead you to prison.

Doing an artwork such as painting, novel, sculptures and more will help you express and eliminate all your sorrows, griefs, and problems in life. Singing, dancing, and other things you love also works.

Fear and stress are also reasons for depression. Do not fear anybody since we are equal now and laws are protecting us. Why afraid of the truth? Why fear for helping somebody? Why feel stressed about things that never took place? You are making the things worse.

Telling your problems to somebody is also a great solution. Your family members and friends can give huge help and advice. Moreover, there are depression hotlines you can call. Just search for the hotlines’ numbers online and dial one. You will get a response from a well-trained expert who will help you solve your problems.

These are some of the tips you can do to eliminate depression. Hopefully, this will help soothe the pain you are feeling right now and you will be able to breathe slowly and relaxed in this complicated world.

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Article written by JM

JM is an adventure-seeking bookworm from the Philippines. He wants to enjoy his life on earth via living simply, happily, and easily. Treasure every moment of life.

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