There have been a lot of developments in the field of science, technology, philosophy, economics, education, and others; but the world remained as it is — constant cooperation and competition take place for survival.

With the rapid change, humans are much overwhelmed while adapting. Restless. They’ve forgotten how to pause or take a breath. Most became passive slaves of the modern era and forgot how to think with intense focus or at least to question if what they are doing is just a trend or if it really relates to their values.

If we continue living like this, there is a huge tendency that the end of the human race is near and robots or human-robots will soon dominate Earth.

People forgot how to play, enjoy life, get excited, take care of the plants and animals, and live the life they were destined to be; not as what the technology or the programmers of the technologies want them to do.

We are humans, we must be merciful and compassionate to one another. Let us help each other grow and improve the Earth. Stop envy, wars, competition. Let us live as one, we are interconnected species.

The world dominated by human species may have been too advanced in the field of technology but the things went complicated — no longer ideal for everybody to live.

Jungle Voyage is a blog that is specifically developed to make you realize that we can still live with a breath of fresh air in this complicated world.

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